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Stratigo and the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most talked about phenomena in the high tech world today. This trendy term includes a broad range of subcategories, including kitchen appliances that are connected to the Internet, smart home devices, wearable computers, autonomic transportation and medical devices connected to smart networks. The goal of IoT-based products is to transform our lives by making them simpler. Most of the products that we use on a daily basis are controlled by applications. These applications collect information and enable data to be processed in order to improve our experiences in a wide range of different areas of life. The Internet of Things is going to create a revolution in the way that data is produced and consumed by both companies and consumers. We at Stratigo are intimately connected to this revolution. We recently assisted three companies in defining, designing and creating their visual solutions, and you can read about these projects below.

Smart Tomatoes

Eddy by Flux, the application for vegetable growers

Thanks to the IoT, farmers are able to manage their crops from a tablet or mobile phone. A company called Flux developed an application which they are calling Eddy, which helps growers control hydroponic systems (water-based plant agriculture). At Stratigo, we designed the application’s visual story. The language we chose was clean and used natural colors, clean iconography and liquid-style textures. Currently, Eddy has its own branding, story and look, which together really make us want to start growing vegetables! Click here to see the project

Artwork in a cup of coffee

Israeli start-up Steam CC’s coffee printer


blog_ripples The Israeli company Steam CC developed a printer called the Ripple Maker which prints on the froth at the top of your coffee cup. The printer prints graphics with the highest possible precision using 3D printing and inkjet techniques, only in this case the ink is composed of coffee bean extract. The printer comes with an accompanying application which enables coffee shop customers to send pictures and graphics to the printer. A young man can send his girlfriend sitting next to him a personal message like “will you marry me?” The barista of the café can print a picture of Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix during a rock party happening there and then at the café. We at Stratigo designed Steam CC’s web presence, including a website, a range of applications for the machine operators and end users, print material for expos and brochures. The company was recently selected as one of the world’s most important IoT players.

A cow with sensors

Even dairy farms have started implementing smart sensors


The Israeli company SCR (sold recently to the Allflex Group) develops solutions for monitoring cattle and managing dairy operations and farms. SCR develops and supplies equipment including smart tag technologies for 24/7 monitoring, rumination and physiological demands of cattle. The company also supplies an advanced herd management system. At Stratigo, we defined, designed and developed a range of online solutions for SCR, including a promotional website based on an open source platform and the UI design for the company’s main product, called HC24 farm and dairy management system. The project involves working side-by-side with the client’s marketing and development staff. The Internet of Things is a unique business opportunity for companies. Organizations that prepare in the right way can profit greatly from the IoT. If you are looking for a partner to explore opportunities and/or design your products – we would love to hear from you.