Logo Design Trends For 2020... or what the hell happened to the Crocs alligator?
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With the year coming to an end, another chapter awaits in 2020 with exciting new trends to look forward to. Online branding tool Logaster has offered a little glimpse of what to expect in the following year with its 2020 logo design trends forecast. In September this year, Yahoo transitioned its logo into a more simplified version with a bold and clean typeface. In 2020, the minimalist brandings are likely to be here to stay. In addition, geometric designs have been in the spotlight for awhile now and they are expected to continue spilling over to the new year with complex patterns and lines. It also looks like designers might be straying away from the common san-serif typefaces by incorporating unique fonts into the mix. Though simplistic designs have become the norm, 2020 will see more maximalist elements like color gradients and neon shades adding a little oomph to logos. Designers willing to dive into uncharted waters can remix typography and explore chaotic text structures to captivate audiences with shorter attention spans.

Other stand-out elements include text destruction, geometric letters, emblems, scaling and multi-layered designs. With the colourful infographics done up by Logaster below, you can check out the top 10 logo design trends predicted for the year ahead.

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