Manna Irrigation, from Rivulis
Manna Irrigation

Manna Irrigation approaches Stratigo to create a new strategic and visual brand identity

Manna Irrigation, a subsidiary of Rivulis Irrigation Ltd., develops sensor-free, cloud-based software for precision irrigation, combining agronomy with remote sensing and software technologies to help growers make better-informed decisions, leading to crop productivity and operational efficiency.

At the end of 2016, Manna Irrigation partnered with Stratigo to create a new branding identity and digital experience to showcase its new positioning and offering.  After gathering valuable input from the Manna team and stakeholders during multiple workshops, web research and interviews, Stratigo developed a messaging and positioning platform for the company, based on it’s the key findings, target audiences, markets and products.

Following the Strategic Branding phase we began the creative development of the brand idea. This phase included the development of the following items: Manna corporate logo, Image style (e.g. photographic / graphic / illustration), Brand Color palette, Brand Font palette as well as other sample applications.

Our goal was to create a visual central, cohesive, expandable experience. With this in mind, we created a creative concept based on modular elements that easily enabled the Manna team to further develop its brand personality and marketing deliverables. Upon completion of the visual branding, we returned to our desks to design and develop a seamless, immersive UX / UI experience for the Manna app. We translated the Manna story to a series of elegant and efficient user experience screens, icons, in-app infographics and app gestures. To help promote the new brand, we created a corporate mini website which accompanies the Manna story featuring a technology chapter, corporate pages and more.

We are proud to collaborate with and serve this important firm in their mission to help growers discover the values of agri-technology.

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Agri Technology


Strategy, Branding, Corporate Identity, UX / UI, Web Design, Web Development App Design


HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Axure

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Manna Irrigation, from Rivulis
  • Strategy and Positioning
    Strategy and Positioning

    We approach every case in the same way: first, we learn the category, analyze the competition, ask a lot of questions, and define the motivation. We do the research! Then, we summarize our findings and provide recommendations.

  • Logotype Design
    Logotype Design

    A well crafted designed logo requires hard work and being up to date with the latest design trends. A strong and differentiated logo assists in establishing a brand identity, making an impact on customers and ensuring that they’ll remember your brand.

    At Stratigo, we have created hundred of logotypes, both for companies as well as for products. We make sure that the logos we designed are: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile & appropriate.

  • UX / UI and Interaction
    UX / UI and Interaction

    Simple is always better, so the designs for the Manna Irrigation website and app absorbed the look and feel of the main Manna brand, then refined and extended it to carry through a clean, sophisticated visual experience.