Brand Strategy and new look&feel for CiValue

CiValue is a young startup that developed a self-serve AI-driven customer data platform that accelerates FMCG retailers’ ability to become customer-centric and transforms their entire retail marketing experience.

Although it is a startup, it doesn’t behave like this; ciValue draws on extensive retail expertise and development capabilities to drive continual innovation in solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the FMCG market. 

CiValue approached Stratigo Brandmakers to help them shape their brand strategy, positioning and look&feel. We worked with a great team of people that know the business and the customer environment very well. We started with a research phase where we learned about the FMCGs’ challenges and pain points, we analyzed the competitors’’ brands and we interviewed customers, partner’s and employees. Once gaining a better understanding of the brand’s value proposition and core competencies, we started to work on the offering positioning and brad architecture. We defined the brand levels, the offering and its naming and we agreed on how the brand architecture looks like.

The second major step of the processes was to develop the brand messaging for all brand levels and to extend this into a new look&feel that demonstrate the relations between CiValue, the retailers, the CPG suppliers and the customers – all presented in a square!  The square represents the 4 cosmic elements of universe: sun, moon, stars, and planets. It also symbolizes the 4 elements of the nature: air, earth, fire, and water. The square is a stable symbol. It is a symbol that people will see as familiar and friendly. Classic and conservative but also cutting-edge (”out-of-the-box”). Technological but humanistic.


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Strategic branding
Corporate Identity
Logo Design
Presentation Design
Copywriting Services


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  • Strategic Branding
    Strategic Branding

    Business strategy, marketing strategy, strategic branding and communications strategy not only direct identity work, they often inspire it. In this project we built a strategic infrastructure that created, differentiated and brought value to CiValue.

  • Copy Services
    Copy Services

    In a field known for dull communications, we helped CiValue to stand out with a set of writing tools for framing content across every division and service. This distinct verbal identity enables the client’s voice to be recognized everywhere.

  • Visual Identity
    Visual Identity

    The newly CiValue corporate brand relies on a strong visual language with a square shape as its foundation. Words and graphics appear inside and along the square in a changing array of messages. But the square and the shapes supporting it remain constant—a visual metaphor illustrating CiValues’ out-of-the-box thinking.