Medatech partnered with Stratigo to reinvent its visual branding

MedaTech, based in Israel and subsidiaries in the UK, Australia and the USA, provides inclusive solutions for the company’s clients in the domain of Management Information Systems (MIS).

To properly reflect the company’s stature and communicate their mission and vision, the organization needed to reinvent its visual branding, as well as its website. Medatech partnered with Stratigo to make their digital objectives and goals a reality.

The project tasks were clear: design and develop a comprehensive and responsive digital presence that would enable the company to better articulate their vision, innovative solutions & services and company support mechanisms.

The experience suggested by the Stratigo team needed to be visually impressive, but also easily managed. To illustrate our UX and UI ideas and strategy, we worked on wireframes to present and iterate on with the Medatech team.

Later on we  started with the design and programming process. The entire website is built to be responsive so that it looks great across a wide variety of online digital platforms.




UX / UI, Web Design, Web Development, ERP Integration


Wordpress, HTML5

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  • Wordpress

    In these days, a website need not only to look great but also to work fast and be controlled easily.

    We strongly believe that developing with Open Source is the only way to cope with today’s rate of innovation in our markets. We develop sites from scratch with WordPress and Joomla Content Management Systems as well as other open-source environments such as Drupal, CRAFT CMS and more.

  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    The mobile industry is becoming central to our work, planning the user experience (UX), the design (UI) and the appropriate technology is crucial for the success of a project.

    We, at Stratigo have extensive experience both in developing responsive websites, mobile optimized sites and native application development. Responsive design is an approach to web programming and web design that aims to provide a perfect viewing across a wide range of devices. Using a responsive approach in the designs and development process, Stratigo delivers a platform that adapts to any  mobile device, regardless of platform or version.

  • Integration with ERP
    Integration with ERP

    ERP integration is the process of integrating Enterprise Resource Planning systems with other systems or with other enterprise information resources.

    Integration with ERP allows the organization to meet various B2B demands. The abilities that an ERP system offer to an enterprise includes planning, manufacturing, and sales, marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources.
    We can help our clients to connect forms in the site or app to ERP systems.

    We have helped companies like Priority, Orbit, AppsFlyer, Ceragon, Medatech many more to connect the website we created for them to ERP systems.