Brands Will be Talking Visually in 2019 and Beyond [Infographics]
2019 is already halfway in and the jury is out on what type of content actually ticks in this digital era. The average user falls for a visual element that is high on design and energy rather than for a dull, longform textual turn-off. This trend is making brands go crazy with their creatives. Whether it is Burger King asking you to commit arson to its competitors’ ads or Marvel’s Thanos taking control of a search engine, brands are trying harder than ever. They are thinking only in one direction: visual content. And pretty quickly your immediate competitors will also join the bandwagon. If they haven’t already.


Why? Because Brands Will be Talking Visually in 2019 and Beyond

We at Stratigo Brandmakers know this because we play a major role in carving this trend. In today’s always-online culture where people live, talk, eat visually, what else will draw their attention?
Here are 10 facts why 2019 is the year of visual content.

80% online users skim content, claims studies You are skimming this article right now, aren’t you? Attention spans are dropping; billboard sizes are rising.

Graphics increase impressions by over 85% No one likes to read a 3000-word article about blockchain. Instead, users want to see a video or an infographic that describes concepts in a dash. Graphics can boost engagement and retention rate, thereby capturing users’ attention.

Relevance, and not just content, is king According to recent studies, a content piece with relevant images can get you 94% more views than one without. Think it’s time to get a Shutterstock account? Or maybe even an in-house photographer?

Half the industry leaders bet on professional visual assets to earn ROI The rise of display ads is not a coincidence after all. Hmm?

Majority of marketing professionals believe video has an edge over images and text In the age of Boomerang and TikTok and YouTube Red, Flickr and Imgur take a backseat. Video is the #1 medium everywhere from organic search to bus stops.

Visual instructions are 320% better than dull texts These days, no one says “Instructions were unclear. Ended up sacrificing my pet.” because graphical representation is the new normal. IKEA agrees.

Infographics! Infographics! Infographics! An image of a llama with a description of it is better than an image of a llama staring at you. Unless you are a meme enthusiast (and you got that joke). Either way, visual game is strong when graphics are combined with information.
…so much that they are shared 3x times than normal content Social media has 300% more infographics than memes. Trust us!

40% professional believe that “original content” gets more traction Why else would Reddit, the first page of Internet, have a separate, dedicated section for “OC”? In 2019, brands will focus on original content than rehash and retro.

Facebook posts with images gain 2.5x more engagement That’s 300 more likes to that description of your company’s product you just posted.

Now that you have the facts, visualize the journey of your brand through… visuals. If you don’t know where to start, we are on our way to your office. Contact Stratigo Brandmakers to get a head start this year!

By Eduardo Mitelman - Creative Director, Stratigo Brandmakers


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