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The New Trend of GIY: Grow it yourself
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The way we cook, eat, buy and store our food is undergoing radical change.

Emerging technologies, from the Internet of Things to augmented reality, present us with endless possibilities to improve the way we produce and cook our food. But without good design, these will only ever be possibilities. To bring this technology into the home’s – and the hands – of everyday people, it has to be tailored into people-centred products and services. How might we make GIY part of people’s diets, homes, and lifestyle?

Locally-sourced produce is growing in demand, and the natural progression from this is the most local you can get: home-grown! Mini-gardens at home and communal gardens will enable people to grow their own herbs, algae and vegetables. Long supply chains can be reduced and the average person will be able to discover new ingredients.But GIY won’t only be for those blessed with green fingers. Future growing solutions will need to be practical, realistic and convenient in order to be widely appealing.

Several types of home growing systems are marketed to consumers, but which system will become their first choice? Want to know more about the future of cooking?

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