Stratigo were invited by Algosec to create a distinctive new visual identity

AlgoSec develops solutions for large companies in managing their communication networks. Algosec approached Stratigo in order to plan, design and execute a unique and differentiated graphic language.

During this process we re-designed the company logo, a new website, a user interface and a variety of different marketing tools. Since the new visual identity was launched, Stratigo re-designed a few times the site to match current visual trends in web design




Visual Branding, UX / UI, Web Design, Web Programming, Illustrations and Graphic Design, Web Maintenance, Mentoring & Web Maintenance



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  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Design

    A great visual identity—be it a brand identity or a corporate identity—captures your corporate vision and sets your company apart from competitors.
    At Stratigo, we help you with your visual branding and brand development by creating a corporate look that best represents what your company is about.
    During more than a decade we have created hundreds of corporate identities and helped brands to set apart.

  • Digital Branding
    Digital Branding

    During this process, our team carefully maps out all of the content, and

    After helping define a client’s visual identity, we continue by creating a digital identity that stands out in the client’s competitive market. A set of visual guidelines is set by using the client’s existing offline brand and extending those rules to the online arena.

    New technologies are redefining the way companies communicate with their existing audiences. At Stratigo we never forget that branding, both online as well as offline, is all about connection. We understand that digital branding is more than just a web design, or a way a logo appears on-screen. It’s a total experience. It seamlessly integrates online and offline brand experiences. That’s why a digital presence is one of the first things we look at when starting a branding project for our customers.

    define two critical components: Site Map and Wireframes that are presented to the client for approval. The driving principles for this process revolved around a smooth browsing and professional experience.

  • Website Design
    Website Design

    During recent years a customer’s first encounter with your brand is often digital. Whether it’s through a search engine question, website, or a mobile app, your brand initially delivers its personality, makes an impact, and delivers to potential customers a digital experience.

    In an age of visual messages abundance, it’s more important than ever to have a solid digital brand to differentiate your firm or service from the competition. We, at Stratigo, can help your brand to guide you in this challenging environment. In most cases this requires re-thinking a couple of things: the marketing model, your platform approach, media, your brand assets your online and offline visual presence. We can help you with all that.