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Priority Software (formerly Eshbel) is a leading ERP company focused on developing, customizing, implementing and supporting ERP solutions for B2B companies. Early in  2014, Eshbel was purchased by Fortissimo Capital in order to accelerate growth, to offer additional modules, expand internationally and improve the business model. Stratigo was approached by Priority in order to create the new branding presence for the company.

During the process we created a new logotype, stationery, collateral system and created a new website for the company based in WordPress CMS. A series of landing pages were designed and developed for lead capturing and generation.

The landing pages we created for Priority are simplistic, beautiful, and have a clear purpose in their sales funnel. An e-shop (Zoom) was also designed and programed for Priority.

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Visual Branding, UX / UI, Web Design, Web Programming, Illustrations and Graphic Design, Web Maintenance, Mentoring & Web Maintenance


Wordpress, HTML5, JQuery

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Priority Software
  • Corporate Identity
    Corporate Identity

    A great visual identity—be it a brand identity or a corporate identity—captures your brands corporate vision and sets your firm apart from competitors.
    At Stratigo, we help you with your visual branding and brand development by creating a corporate look that best represents what your company is about.
    During more than a decade we have created hundreds of corporate identities and helped brands to set apart.

    In an age of visual messages abundance, it’s more important than ever to have a solid brand to differentiate your firm, product or service from the competition. We, at Stratigo, can help your company to guide your brand in this challenging environment. In most cases this requires re-thinking a couple of things: the marketing model, your platform approach, media, your brand assets your online and offline visual presence. We can help you with all that.

  • Responsive Approach
    Responsive Approach

    Using a responsive approach in our designs and development process, Stratigo delivered a platform that adapts to any mobile device, regardless of platform or version.
    In order to plan our responsive strategy, the Stratigo team worked on wireframes to illustrate the UX strategy for both the web-based and mobile devices. Retina Devices are in the top of our minds: to support and enhance the vector style of the illustrations and icons in the Priority Software site, our designers created a set of icons to represent various aspects of the initiative throughout the platform. Our developers were then able to convert the icons into a typeface that would allow the icons to appear clean while enlarged on Retina screens.

  • Landing Pages
    Landing Pages

    A great designed landing page can increase user conversion. Stratigo can assist you in planning a smart landing page while using state-of-the-art technology and using testing and analytics methods such as A/B testing and Google analytics in order to test variations.

    Are you looking to increase your online conversions? don’t hesitate and contact our experts for some advice.

    We have created multiple Landing Pages for companies such as Priority, Ceragon, Premia Spine, Hever, SiSense, AppsFlyer, Algosec, Stratasys, AVATrade and many more.

Priority Software
Priority Software
Priority Software