The Branding of Appsflyer

AppsFlyer is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile advertising industry.

To celebrate the launch of OneLink, AppsFlyer’s main product, the company approached Stratigo in order to create an appealing digital experience to attract potential customers. The identity is based on colorful illustrations, clean typography and attractive layout.
The overall atmosphere of the site is one that engages the user from the first second he dives in.

Unique design templates were specified, designed and programmed by the Stratigo team. By creating inspiring visual content for each chapter in the site, we added a different dimension to the product communication during the launch of the product.




Visual Branding, Illustrations, Web Design, Web Programming, Responsive Design


HTML5, Wordpress, JS Apps, Bootstrap, Angular JS

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  • e-Branding

    After helping define client’s brand identity, we took on the challenge of creating a digital content package that stands out in the client’s mega-competitive market. Our solution was a colorful and fresh visual presence based on lively illustrations and backgrounds that create the right atmosphere.

  • Responsive Approach
    Responsive Approach

    Using a responsive approach in our designs and development process, Stratigo delivered a platform that adapts to any mobile device, regardless of platform or version.
    In order to plan our responsive strategy, the Stratigo team worked on wireframes to illustrate the UX strategy for both the web-based and mobile devices. Retina Devices are in the top of our minds: to support and enhance the vector style of the illustrations and icons in the AppsFlyer site, our designers created a set of icons to represent various aspects of the initiative throughout the platform. Our developers were then able to convert the icons into a typeface that would allow the icons to appear clean while enlarged on Retina screens.

  • UX / UI
    UX / UI

    Although understanding your product can be complicate, your digital product or website presence should not be.
    Our user experience (UX) design service puts the needs of your site’s users first. Creating a digital experience that’s easy to use, increase engagement as well as satisfaction and conversions. During this process the Stratigo team carefully maps out all the content in the site, and define critical components such as site map and wireframes that are presented as prototypes to the client. Our prototypes can be anything from rough sketches, HTML wireframes, Axure live prototypes, to detailed designs comps.