Fresh Look for Dynamica Cellular
Dynamica Cellular

Usability, customer journey, design and functionality.

Operating as a subsidiary of Cellcom Israel Ltd, Dynamica Cellular owns and operates consumer electronics retail stores around the country and sells cellular devices and accessories. Stratigo was chosen to create the new e-identity for the company. At the beginning of the process we created wireframes explaining data flow and UX / UI decisions in the portal and the e-commerce section and how it relates to different target audiences, so we could see how customers responded to the idea of reaching different type of products. 

Before moving into the design phase we created personas and carried out role-play to tease out the key issues of the portal. The driving principles for this project revolved around a smooth browsing and purchase experience, so we focused tightly on the artful meshing of content and commerce.

The preferred concept was developed into a final look and feel that was then developed into the site templates, banners, icons and images.

The Stratigo team worked hand-in-hand with developers from Cellcom to deliver the final online solution.




UX / UI, Web Design, CMS, CRM integration, Responsive Design, Online Styleguide



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Fresh Look for Dynamica Cellular
  • E-Commerce

    While planning an e-commerce solution, we deliver enterprise-class features and the flexibility our client need to create an eCommerce solution tailored to their unique needs.

    Our main aim is to help our client drive more traffic to their store, convert unique browsers into buyers and boost online sales.

  • Digital Branding
    Digital Branding

    At Stratigo, we help you with your visual branding and brand development by creating a corporate look that best represents what your company is about.

    A great visual identity—be it a brand identity or a corporate identity—captures your corporate vision and sets your company apart from competitors.

    At Stratigo,we help you with your visual branding and brand development by creating a corporate look that best represents what your company is about.
    During more than a decade we have created hundreds of corporate identities and helped brands to set apart.

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    Strategy and UX

    Although understanding your product can be complicate, your digital product or website presence should not be.

    Our user experience (UX) design service puts the needs of your site’s users first. Creating a digital experience that’s easy to use, increase engagement as well as satisfaction and conversions. During this process the Stratigo team carefully maps out all the content in the site, and define critical components such as site map and wireframes that are presented as prototypes to the client. Our prototypes can be anything from rough sketches, HTML wireframes, Axure live prototypes, to detailed designs comps.

Dynamica Cellular
Dynamica Cellular