Ceragon provide wireless backhaul solutions that enable cellular operators to deliver data, voice and multimedia services, enabling smart-phone applications such as Internet browsing, music and video applications.

Ceragon approached Stratigo in order to specify a new online presence. Our team worked hand-in-hand with the Ceragon team in order to create an online solution that would need to help the customer to connect their global teams and promote their products. The site was based on a robust CMS solution. The Stratigo team worked on a unique visual identity for the site that was later continued in all the client’s online and offline materials.


Industrial, Infrastructures


UX / UI, Web Design, Web Programming, Illustrations and Graphic Design


Joomla, JQuery

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  • Digital Branding
    Digital Branding

    During recent years a customer’s first encounter with your brand is often digital. Whether it’s through a search engine question, website, or a fun mobile app, your brand initially delivers its personality, makes an impact, and delivers to potential customers a digital experience. New technologies are redefining the way brands communicate with their audiences, at Stratigo we never forget that branding, both online and offline, is all about connection. We understand that digital branding is more than just a web design. It’s a total experience. It seamlessly integrates online and offline brand experiences. That’s why a digital presence is one of the first things we look at when starting a branding project.

    In an age of visual messages abundance, it’s more important than ever to have a solid brand to differentiate your firm, product or service from the competition. We, at Stratigo, can help your company to guide your brand in this challenging environment. In most cases this requires re-thinking a couple of things: the marketing model, your platform approach, media, your brand assets your online and offline visual presence. We can help you with all that.

  • Integration with ERP
    Integration with ERP

    ERP integration is the process of integrating Enterprise Resource Planning systems with other systems or with other enterprise information resources.

    Integration with ERP allows the organization to meet various B2B demands. The abilities that an ERP system offer to an enterprise includes planning, manufacturing, and sales, marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources.

    We can help our clients to connect forms in the site or app to ERP systems.

    We have helped companies like Priority, Orbit, AppsFlyer, Ceragon, Highcon, Medatech and many more to connect the website we created for them to ERP systems.

  • Web Intelligence & SEO
    Web Intelligence & SEO

    These days the importance of SEO and SEM almost goes without saying. Stratigo can help you improve online strategy tactics using Google analytics, combine your website with social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. and boost the speed of your online systems.

    We can offer you and your company the following services – Content Writing and Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Nurturing, Organic Growth, Product Launch and Social Buzz.

    Whether your company is a startup or a retail company, we can help you turn your company into thought-leaders by researching & producing brilliant pieces of content for company blogs, landing pages, online campaigns as well as the solid websites and apps.