Eddy by Flux
Eddy by Flux

A GUI design for Eddy, by Flux

Quality starts with food, this is what most people believe in. Flux is driven to create a better quality of life for people everywhere. Flux is creating a powerful consumer device to help people grow the healthiest food most efficiently, on water. This device is called Eddy.

Their solution is based on sensors and community so people and smallholder farms can access cutting-edge hydroponics technologies and wisdom.

By monitoring and then optimizing a garden or farm, flux makes the most of the user’s time and money by elevating your plants’ potential.

Stratigo was chosen to design Eddy’s app look and feel.


Agri Technology


Corporate Identity, Web App Design



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Eddy by Flux
  • UX / UI
    UX / UI

    Although understanding your product can be complicate, your digital product or website presence should not be.

    Our user experience (UX) design service puts the needs of your site’s users first. Creating a digital experience that’s easy to use, increase engagement as well as satisfaction and conversions.

    During this process the Stratigo team carefully maps out all the content in the site, and define critical components such as site map and wireframes that are presented as prototypes to the client.

  • Wireframes

    After sketching out layouts on paper and choosing a digital wireframing tool that works for the client, we create the digital wireframes that will serve as the starting point for the application’s visual design.

    The wireframes can be anything from pencil sketches, HTML wireframes, Axure live prototypes, static Balsamiq frames to detailed designs comps.

  • Mobile App Design
    Mobile App Design

    We identify and dive into the latest digital trends and technologies to help you build your brand, meet your goals, and most importantly drive business. We incorporate into our solutions social media, SEO, digital marketing strategy, interactive engagement, as well as mobile and content strategies to greatest advantage.

    We can help your brand present a consistent image and speak in a unified voice across all platforms. Our deep branding expertise ensures that your many digital touchpoints work together to create effortless, intuitive functionality and a positive user experience.

    Using a responsive approach in our designs and development work, the Union team delivered a platform that adapts to any device, regardless of platform.

    Superior user interface design combined with a simple and easy user experience is imperial at Stratigo. We design and build applications for mobile and other computing platforms, make eCommerce systems and host websites and applications.

Eddy by Flux
Eddy by Flux
Eddy by Flux