SiSense is a business analytics software firm based in New York City and Tel Aviv. Its business intelligence product enables small and medium companies to analyze large data and BI analytics from multiple online sources. The company provides a powerful front-end for creating graphics and visualizations, like dashboards and reports, on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

SiSense approached Stratigo to plan it’s online presence. A clean and minimal look and feel was developed in order to achieve a strong and unique presence. Using a responsive approach in our designs and development work, the Stratigo team delivered a platform that adapts to any device, regardless of platform.

During the UX and UI processes, we carried out user testing of our wireframes to test labelling and grouping of content. We also spoke to key stakeholders across the business to establish our parameters for success.


Technology, Appsflyer, Dynamica Cellular, Priority


UX / UI, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO


Wordpress, JQuery, HTML5

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  • e-Branding

    After helping define a client’s visual identity, we continue by creating a digital identity that stands out in the client’s competitive market. A set of visual guidelines is set by using the client’s existing offline brand and extending those rules to the online arena.

    New technologies are redefining the way companies communicate with their existing audiences. At Stratigo we never forget that branding, both online as well as offline, is all about connection. We understand that digital branding is more than just a web design, or a way a logo appears on-screen. It’s a total experience. It seamlessly integrates online and offline brand experiences. That’s why a digital presence is one of the first things we look at when starting a branding project for our customers.

  • CMS

    Millions of people use open-source software around the world every day to do their job, and to build either simple of complex websites.

    B2B companies discovered the potential of using Open source environments, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

    In Stratigo we recommend using open-source environments for several reasons: it’s a free environment, it’s open-sourced and it’s easily optimized for search engines.

  • Tailored-made Illustrations
    Tailored-made Illustrations

    There are many ways for providing a website or an app a unique look, but none is more effective than creating awesome illustrations for it. In this project we worked and created a series of illustrated icons, characters and backgrounds that provided a lot of personality to the layout of the website.

    For the project we also created sketched fonts and hand drawn icons.