Swana Diamonds
Swana Diamonds

The Branding of Swana Diamonds

Swana Diamonds come from Botswana in Africa. Botswana is the best diamond address in the world and home to some of the world’s greatest mines.

Dalumi Group, A leading player in the global diamond and jewelry industry, invited Stratigo to plan, design and execute the new visual branding and corporate identity for Swana Diamonds.

After completing the creation of Swana Diamond’s Look and feel, we started planning the online presence. Before jumping into design, we carefully mapped out all the content for the site, and defined two important components: UX and UI. These were presented to the client in a series of Wireframes. The driving principles for this project revolved around an impressive visual identity and clear site navigation, so we focused tightly on the artful meshing of content and visual.


Diamonds and Jewellery, Retail


Branding, Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Website Programming, Web Design


Wordpress, HTML5, JQuery

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Swana Diamonds
  • Corporate Identity
    Corporate Identity

    A great visual identity—be it a brand identity or a corporate identity—captures your brands corporate vision and sets your firm apart from competitors.

    At Stratigo, we help you with your visual branding and brand development by creating a corporate look that best represents what your company is all about. During more than a decade we have created hundreds of corporate identities and helped brands to set apart.

  • UX / UI / Programming
    UX / UI / Programming

    Although understanding your product can be complicate, your digital product or website presence should not be.

    Our user experience (UX) design service puts the needs of your site’s users first. Creating a digital experience that’s easy to use, increase engagement as well as satisfaction and conversions. During this process the Stratigo team carefully maps out all the content in the site, and define critical components such as site map and wireframes that are presented as prototypes to the client.

    Our prototypes can be anything from rough sketches, HTML wireframes, Axure live prototypes, to detailed designs comps.

  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    We, at Stratigo have extensive experience both in developing responsive websites, mobile optimized sites and native application development. Responsive design is an approach to web programming and web design that aims to provide a perfect viewing across a wide range of devices. Using a responsive approach in the designs and development process, Stratigo delivers a platform that adapts to any mobile device, regardless of platform or version.

    In order to plan the responsive strategy, the Stratigo team works on wireframes to illustrate the UX strategy for both the web-based and mobile devices.

    We always consider the target audiences for the project, and we will recommend the right solutions for both our client and their target audience. The mobile industry is becoming central to our work, planning the user experience (UX), the design (UI) and the appropriate technology

Swana Diamonds
Swana Diamonds
Swana Diamonds
Swana Diamonds